Can Receding Gums Grow Back?

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One of the most embarrassing and visible problems that affect teeth is receding gums. This is a condition, wherein the level of attachment of the gum line is lowered, due to which, it gets attached near to or on the root of the tooth. This leaves the yellow-colored root exposed, which can be very unsightly. Many people think that this condition occurs due to the loss of gum tissue in the oral cavity. However, it is not so, as the gum tissue is not lost but merely lowered in its attachment level. There are many causes of this condition such as vigorous brushing, poor oral hygiene, bad habits like chewing tobacco, etc.

Can Receding Gums Regrow?
In this condition, unlike hair loss or nail clipping, the gums are not actually gone from the oral cavity, or ‘lost’ due to aggressive brushing. They are very much present in the oral cavity, but have only receded, that is, positioned themselves a little lower than their normal levels of attachment to a tooth. Thus, there is actually no answer to the question ‘how to make receding gums grow back’ because gums cannot ‘grow’ onto your tooth again. However, the gums can be brought back to their original level of attachment on the tooth so that the root part of the tooth is not exposed. This can be achieved by proper dental treatment.

There are many treatment options available for dealing with this problem. The best way to reverse the receding gum line is by addressing the underlying cause.

  • If the condition is caused due to constant abrasion because of vigorous brushing, then the patient needs to be educated on how to brush teeth properly.
  • If the recession is due to very poor oral hygiene, then it is advisable to get teeth cleaning and root planning is done. By this method, all the plaque and calculus that is preventing the attachment of the gum tissue to the teeth are removed, thus, aiding in the attachment of the gum tissue to the tooth.
  • In some cases, there may be subgingival plaque and calculus present, in which case, there may need to go in for deep gum cleaning under local anesthesia.
  • If the recession is very severe, then the only option for dealing with it maybe by getting a gingival graft. This is a surgical procedure, wherein a small piece of gum tissue is taken from some part of the oral cavity and placed in the receded part of the gums. This tissue then slowly heals and merges with the rest of the receded gums, thereby covering up the exposed portion of the root of the tooth.

The following tips may help prevent this problem:

  • Brush your teeth gently using soft bristles toothbrush
  • Floss regularly
  • Eat foods that are rich in vitamin C
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid processed and white flour-based foods, carbonated drinks, caffeine, and alcohol
  • Take calcium supplements
  • Use a mouthwash regularly

Thus, receding gums is an important problem that is plaguing a huge chunk of the population. What is even more alarming is the fact that this problem is seen even in the younger population, due to bad habits like smoking and chewing tobacco and not taking care of ones dental health. This condition needs to be treated at the earliest as it could lead to irreversible recession of the gingival tissue if not dealt within time. However, one can always avoid this problem by taking proper dental care and by visiting the dentist every six months.


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