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Gum Diseases

Almost all of us must have experienced gum pain at some point in our lives. The excruciating pain can cause sleepless nights and interfere with our daily lifestyle. In most of the cases, it is caused due to some gum diseases. Gum and tooth pain both are interrelated and often a pain in one can trigger discomfort in the other. Gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontal diseases majorly lead to swelling and tenderness of the gum, that are often accompanied by bleeding.

Remedial Measures for Pain Relief
A minor injury or damage to the gum, due to viral or bacterial infection can be healed with time and by adopting some home remedies. In case, the gum pain has not been treated in the initial stages, it reaches to advanced stages and may require immediate medical intervention.

Hygiene is Essential
To get relief from gum pain and to some extent prevent it from infecting the tooth and internal parts of the mouth, the first and foremost requirement is to follow hygienic methods of tooth care. Brushing the teeth with medically approved toothpastes and soft brushes prevents gum diseases and provides short term pain relief. Even warm water rinsing and applying ice on the gum and cheeks can give relief. By regularly brushing the teeth we prevent bacterial or viral infection that can cause problems of bad breath.

Use Ice to Relieve Pain
Ice acts as an anti-inflammatory medicine and can provide short term pain relief. Ice can lessen the swelling and give a sense of well-being. Applying ice on the cheeks (by wrapping it in a cloth) or keeping one or two pieces of small ice cubicles in the mouth, has been known to provide relief. You can use ice, as per your comfort level.

Hydrogen Peroxide Powder
Rinsing the mouth with hydrogen peroxide powder and water is known to provide relief from gum pain. Mixing hydrogen peroxide with water in appropriate ratio (half cup of water and half cup of hydrogen peroxide powder) and applying the mixture on your gum can help in this pain.

Use Baking Soda
You can make a paste of baking soda and water and apply the paste on your gum. Don’t massage the gum roughly instead apply the paste lightly.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera gel is an effective medication in these cases. I remember applying these gels on my gum when I had gum problems some time ago and its effect was magical.

Gargle with Salt Water
Gargling with salt water is a proven option to experience healing and reduce pain in the gums. Though, the relief is usually short lived, it makes you feel better. Frequent gargling with salt water gives instant relief from the pain. However, remember to maintain a proper ratio of salt and water in the gargle solution.

Non-Surgical Treatments
It is always advisable to go for non-surgical treatments as it is non-invasive. Surgical treatments must be given the last priority and only after proper consultation with the expert. Two common non-surgical treatments are scaling and root planning. Most doctors believe that these methods are cost-effective and helpful in providing relief from gum pain.

Surgical Treatments
Soft tissue grafts, pocket reduction procedures and crown lengthening are some of the surgical treatments for pain relief in the gum. These surgeries are to be preferred only if they are advised by a medical practitioner.

While treating gum diseases, remember that it is necessary to eliminate its causes. By following the above treatment procedures, you can definitely get relief from the discomfort associated with your gums.


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