How to Soothe Sore Teeth from Braces


Getting braces could be a matter of choice or mere necessity. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that braces are irritating and painful during the initial few weeks. If you’ve been unlucky enough to have undergone a couple of tooth extractions in order to get the braces, the cumulative ordeal is even worse. Trust me, I’ve been through it for three whole years!

After two sittings, of four painfully long extractions and all that bleeding, I was required to report back to my orthodontist for the final placing of the braces a week later, where he stuck these metal brackets on each of my teeth, and then made metal wires pass through the brackets. It was a bit painful but the process didn’t last too long, after which he placed tiny rubber bands over each bracket so as to protect my cheeks and inner lip from getting injured and sore. These rubber bands really helped and made the entire experience a bit more tolerable. In this article I’m going to explain how to sooth sore teeth from braces.

Relieve Pain From Braces

  • Your orthodontist will give you a mouth ointment containing tylenol or ibuprofen, which will help numb your inner cheek and gum for the first few days when the pain is at its peak. You will need this medication because the pain is the numb itching and irritating sorts which makes you want to snap the braces right out off your very mouth. Literally speaking of course!
  • You will also need to be extra careful about oral hygiene soon after you get your braces, for which you will be given a special thin tipped toothbrush. You may use an electronic toothbrush as well if you know how to maneuver the brush properly.
  • You will need to gargle every 2-3 hours with lukewarm salt water and allow the salt water to reach all the nook and crannies of your mouth. Salt has antibacterial, antifungal as well as antiseptic properties which will ensure that all the sores and cuts in your mouth are numbed and disinfected thoroughly.
  • You may be prescribed a medical mouth wash as well which must be used only for gargling and must never be drunk down after each gargle.
  • As far as food is concerned, you will need to stay away from solid food stuff, such as apples, guavas, toast and meat. Instead you will need to adhere to a liquid diet which should ideally consist of soup, porridge, oats, milk shakes, juices and soft well boiled rice. Try to avoid sticky foods as far as possible as they will get stuck in between the brackets, which might give a fresh lease of pain. You will also find it hard to clean your teeth between the brackets,especially when the entire area is still raw and painful.
  • One thing you will love during this phase is the fact that you can have all the cold things in the world. You may have ice creams, popsicles, ice tea and other cold drinks till your heart’s content and no one will be able to stop you. Not when the orthodontist himself has asked you to.
  • If the pain is too excruciating, ask your dentist to loosen out the braces until your extractions heal completely.
  • Ask for painkillers, and do not go in for over-the-counter and non-prescribed painkillers instead. You may never know how the medications may react on you so it’s better to tread carefully.
  • Rubber bands for the brackets are a must, so make sure your orthodontist does not try to postpone the procedure for the next session. Make the orthodontist places the rubber bands then and there, since exposed metal brackets will definitely scrape the inner skin of your mouth if not covered.
  • If need be ask for some dental wax which you can use in addition to the rubber bands. Wax is an effective braces pain remedy since it ensures that you feel a smooth surface over your braces while you rub your tongue over it.
  • Which brings me to the most important point. Do not touch your braces with your fingers, or try to trace the braces with your tongue as that will increase the chances of you developing sores and ulcers. Also avoid sucking in your cheeks when you feel pain as that will cause injuries in your inner cheeks.

That being said, always keep your braces in good condition, so that your visits to the orthodontist are only as per the visiting schedule set by the dentist. This will make sure you do not suffer from random loosening or breakage of the brackets, wire or the rubber bands. Hopefully this article on how to sooth sore teeth from braces has been informative. Hope you can flaunt a sunny smile soon!


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