Laser Teeth Whitening System

Teeth Whitening

Teeth can be called one of the most important parts of the body, as they are the first organs to initiate the process of digestion. It is due to the teeth that eating and chewing becomes possible. In order to keep your teeth clean and healthy, and prevent decaying, regular and proper care of the teeth is very important.

Basic Teeth Care

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day is generally recommended in order to maintain dental health.
  • Make it a point to gargle your mouth after having sweets, as some sweets tend to stick inside the tooth and also do not forget to floss after having meals.

Dental care begins at home, but sometimes, teeth encounter problems such as discoloration, cavity problems, etc. These problems need to be solved by the dentist. There are many techniques available, to get rid of these problems including sophisticated techniques for teeth whitening. Laser teeth whitening is one of these techniques. This is one of the most popular and effective whitening systems for the teeth, in the modern world. This method does not take a long time and you can get back home within an hour with white, sparkling teeth! Laser whitening is a bleaching method, which involves use of laser and a whitening gel in order to lighten the shade of the teeth and whiten them. Laser techniques have been used since 15 years, by the dental fraternity. The American Dental Association believes that laser dentistry has a bright future.

Working of the System

The first step is to manually clean the teeth and remove plaque. This is followed by the application of a peroxide based gel to the teeth. The peroxide gel is made up of a maximum strength formula, which makes sure that the laser, which is to be applied further, works properly and performs maximum cleaning. Further, the gel is subjected to specialized light in order to activate itself. This procedure takes almost an hour to complete, after which, your teeth become whiter and brighter than before.

This is an easy process, which doesn’t consume much of your time and is absolutely painless. However, there are some pros and cons of this method that you need to explore before going for the treatment.


  • This system is a very good option for people, who fear drills used for dental surgeries.
  • The chances of bleeding and swelling of the gums are minimized when dealing with soft tissues, in the process.
  • Many whitening systems involve the use of anesthesia during the procedure as the patient can experience pain in the teeth. But here, anesthesia may not be involved as the patient does not experience pain during the procedure.
  • Laser treatment does not cause damage to healthy teeth, which might happen during other conventional teeth whitening methods.


The biggest downside of the laser treatment for teeth whitening, is the high cost involved in the treatment. Most of the time, the cost generally falls between $300 to $800 per session. This may further increase with the quality of the equipment and the time span of each session. Another disadvantage is that the treatment may not work for teeth, which have turned gray in color, as such type of teeth do not get bleached at all.

After reading this, you must have decided to try out the laser teeth whitening system. However, before opting for any treatment, do not get tempted by its popularity. Consult a specialist to know about the procedure, its advantages and disadvantages, whether it suits your needs, and most importantly think about the cost incurred on it. Choose a reputed dentist for this treatment. Your teeth are special and every care must be taken to preserve them for the lifetime.


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