Severe Toothache

Tooth Decay

Though gout and kidney stone pain are believed to be the most painful types of pain one can ever experience, a severe toothache cannot be sidelined in this matter. Those of us who have experienced a toothache, know how harrowing a toothache can be. In fact, a toothache has even managed to debilitate the strongest of men. It is conduced by unattended tooth decay or other factors like gum diseases, fractured teeth, temporomandibular joint disorder, tooth root sensitivities, etc. When these conditions are not treated, the tooth damage worsens and pain intensifies. Even if majority of the people are ignorant about the different severe toothache causes, all are eager to quickly find out if there are some natural relief measures which they can use to avoid visiting the dentist.

Onion Remedy
This remedy is good if you don’t mind bad breath for a while. However, when you are experiencing severe toothache, one doesn’t care about pleasant breath. So take a few pieces of onion and place them on the aching tooth. Gently chew the onion on the aching tooth and allow the onion juice to penetrate into the decaying tooth cavity. The onion juice has antibacterial properties which help to alleviate the pain. Then, swallow after chewing.

Whiskey Remedy
Dunk a cotton ball in 100 proof whiskey and place it directly on the aching tooth. Let the whiskey penetrate into the decaying tooth cavity, until all the whiskey from the cotton ball comes out of the cotton ball.

Avoidance is the Key
Avoid all kinds of sweets and savories. Avoid eating grains till the pain subsides. Refrain from vegetable oils but eat meals with proteins and fats frequently. Raw milk, unsalted butter, grass fed liver and cod liver oil are good for your health and your aching tooth. They will not only furnish your body with nutrition required to strengthen the body’s immune system but also prevent the toothache from getting worse.

Cold Compress
Ice cubes is an effective remedy for a severe toothache for bringing about instant numbness. Just get some ice cubes from the freezer and place them in a clean towel. Now hold this cold compress onto the aching side on the cheek and remove the pack after 20 minutes.

Clove Oil
Just like the whiskey remedy, dunk the cotton ball in clove oil and place it directly on the aching tooth. Allow the clove oil to penetrate into the infected tooth. After a while, the numbing effect of the clove oil will numb the pain and relieve you from it. Leave the cotton ball in the mouth till all the clove oil seeps out of it. Carry out this procedure thrice a day.

Hot Compress
A heating pad will help alleviate the pain. However, make sure the heating pad has been first turned on its highest capacity and then, turned down to medium. Then, lay your head down on it. You can also dunk a face towel in hot water, fold it and place it on the aching tooth for relief.

Salt Water Gargle
A salt water gargle helps reduce the intensity of pain. Take a glass of tepid water and add one teaspoons of salt into it. Stir and use it to gargle and the pain will subside.

People who are in poor health should not try to use these severe toothache cures at home. It needs to be checked by the dentist and treated. Depending on the condition of the tooth, the dentist may ask you to go for a root canal or tooth extraction. Besides, using these remedies will only alleviate the pain for some time. The pain will be back in some time. So don’t use these remedies as a substitute for going to the dentist. It’s only a backup if the dentist’s clinic is closed for the day. Get it treated as soon as possible.


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