Tooth Decay in Children

Tooth Decay

If the cavity developed is very deep, then it can affect nerve and blood vessels which are present in the central pulp. This process of lack of required minerals is referred to as demineralization and it mainly occurs because of the presence of acids on the teeth. Also, when the hard tissues which protect the teeth break, it can cause decaying of teeth in children.


  • If, sugar is consumed by various oral bacteria present in the mouth of children which gives rise to the formation of different acids, which may result in decaying of teeth.
  • Foods which are rich in carbohydrates like potato chips, peanut butter, crackers, etc. can also cause damage of tooth.
  • Consumption of carbonated soft drinks to a large extent can cause erosion of the tooth enamel.
  • Consumption of sweet foods like chocolates, cakes, etc. in a large extent can also cause tooth decay.
  • Not brushing the teeth regularly and properly can cause damage and occurrence of tooth decay.


When the tooth decay is minimal, it is painless. But, severe tooth decay can give rise to pain. If the decay becomes more intense, then one can also experience sensitivity to hot and cold food. In severe cases, the victim might also experience pus and blood oozing out from the infected area. Brown patches will also start appearing on the infected teeth. Bad breath is also one of the symptom of tooth decay. Discoloration of the tooth will also be observed.

Treatment Options

Brushing teeth with a gel containing fluoride can help in clearing the plaque present on the teeth. Make sure that you floss and brush your teeth regularly. Children above the age of 6 can make use of fluoride mouth wash. Brushing teeth with baking soda will also help. One can also opt for special filling materials. These materials can be bonded to the tooth and will keep away bacteria which cause tooth decay. This should be done under the guidance of a dentist. If the tooth decay is severe, then it is better to visit the dentist. This will help in avoiding further complications.


  • Natural sweeteners can cause damage to the teeth. Hence, instead of using natural sweeteners, one can opt for artificial sweeteners.
  • Make it a point to wash your mouth after eating sugary food or any other food. This will clean all kinds of bacteria and acids present on the tooth.
  • Avoid keeping sugary foods in your mouth for a long time.

In order to avoid gum diseases and tooth decay, make sure that children visit the dentist regularly and also maintain proper oral health. If the decayed tooth is left untreated, then it can intensify the problem and also hamper the growth of the tooth if it is in the growing stage. In some cases, the tooth decay becomes so severe that the tooth has to be removed.


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